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best raw pet food ontario

So Why 
Feed Raw?

Why raw, quality ingredients make the biggest difference.

best raw pet food ontario

Raw vs. Processed foods

If you are reading this, you are probably one of many pet owners who have been searching for more information on a raw diet. As more people become aware of the benefits of a fresh ingredient diet, the search for what to feed exactly has begun the point of focus. We all know that a well rounded, balanced diet is directly correlated in keeping our pets healthy, and in increasing their life-span longevity.

Science has already shown us (human beings) that eating processed foods leads to obesity, heart disease, among many other ailments. Why would this be different for our pets? Processed foods we have been feeding our beloved animals has actually been the very detriment in their health. And thus, the movement towards a species appropriate diet exploded onto the market.

So, what changes after switching to a  raw diet?

best raw pet food ontario

Smaller, less odourless stools

Pretty straight forward, with fresh ingredients the body has lest waste to produce since it is using more of the nutrients in the food.

best raw pet food ontario

No pet odor

That’s right. Less shedding, and less stinky dog/cat smell, as the body is not releasing toxins through the skin.

best raw pet food ontario

Fresher Breath

A healthy, clean gut leads to healthy, fresh breath. You no longer have to cringe when you get a smooch/lick of affection.

best raw pet food ontario

White & Cleaner Teeth

With the feeding of raw meaty bones, your pets teeth naturally clean themselves of tartar and plaque. No more dentals and surgical procedures that put your pets health at risk.

best raw pet food ontario


Immune System

With less toxins to expel from the body, and more, clean nutrients to work with, the immune system is able to remain strong and healthy and in working order. Which also leads to less vet visits as most raw feeders report. 

best raw pet food ontario

Stabilized Energy Levels & Less Hyperactivity

Raw ingredients help stabilize energy levels and reduce hyperactivity. Meaning your pet is able to focus more, feel comfortable in their own bodies, and not have to act out to burn off excess energy they don’t know what to do with.

best raw pet food ontario

Weight Maintenance & Muscle Tone

With raw feeding, not only have we seen reports of overweight pets finally able to shed those pounds and reach ideal weight, but also able to maintain that weight. And with time, develop and maintain greater muscle tone.

best raw pet food ontario

Softer & Shinier 


Natural oils, vitamins, and minerals found in the raw food leads to healthy skin, softer fur, and the shiniest coats ever. Additionally, there is less itching, scratching and licking.

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