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About Our Raw Pet Food

Healthier pets since 2020.

Happy, healthy, and active pets are an accurate depiction of our passion and love for pets. Even with all the experience and passion, you might be feeding your pets artificial additives that are harmful in the long-run. Raw Fed and Furry brings you the best raw pet food options from the leading manufacturers of natural pet food for a fuller coat and active pet.

We are dedicated to helping bring a natural balanced diet to our furry pals. Animal rescuers, pet owners, breeders, all pet lovers and their pets will benefit. At Raw Fed and Furry, we strive to ensure 100% transparency for quality or any unfortunate health concern they might cause to the pets. As a distributor, we ensure that only manufacturers with a proven record of accomplishment for species appropriate and organic raw pet meals make our suppliers list.


Our Values & Mission

Homemade Pesto

Quality Ingredients

Introducing raw food to your pet’s diet not only helps in boosting immunity but also prolongs the life-span.


Educate Pet Owners

Using our years of experience, we aim to instill the prevailing benefits of raw food products in the animal rescue and owners’ community.


Longer, Happy Lives

At Raw Fed and Furry, we strive to make sure that every pet lives a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Our Happy Customers !

"We switched our very finicky greyhound from Kibble to raw over 8 months ago. Prior to changing I was in a dilemma, cooking food, changing diets, even trying vet prescribed food due to runny stools. He immediately took to the raw food. Slowly, we noticed a big change in his coat. Greys are notorious for dry flaky skin. His coat is now shiny, with no flakes. Just had his annual and vet noted what great shape he is in; coat, teeth and overall health. Stools are now normal. We cannot say enough good things about the switch to raw!" 

—  Sue/Rick D.

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