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Dog Food Delivery Ottawa

Experience raw performance dog food and the world of natural, organic high-quality raw food for dogs Ottawa!

Performance Dog Raw Food

Only the best ingredients



No Artificial



Human Quality

Our raw dog food delivery products are made from the freshest of raw ingredients and sourced from a premium supplier list. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, our Ingredients includes the best Proteins including Chicken, Beef, Fish, and Turkey. Each product is 100% preservative-free and natural!

Performance Dog Raw Food ottawa
Performance Dog Raw Food ottawa nepean



Raw Fed and Furry brings you the best raw dog food delivery Ottawa options from the leading manufacturers of natural pet food for a fuller coat and active pet. 

Raw feeding is the practice of feeding domestic dogscat and other animals diet consisting primarily of uncooked meat, edible bones, and organs. The ingredients used to formulate raw diets can vary. Some pet owners choose to make home-made raw diets to feed their animals but commercial raw food diets are also available.

We aim to provide quality and ethically obtained pre-made food into your furry friend’s diet. Our raw dog food delivery in Ottawa ensure a boost in your pet’s immunity and functioning, ultimately allowing you and your pet to savour good moments for a long time.

Happy, healthy, and active pets are an accurate depiction of our passion and love for pets. Even with all the experience and passion, you might be feeding your pets artificial additives that are harmful in the long-run. Raw Fed and Furry brings you the best raw raw dog food delivery Ottawa options from the leading manufacturers of natural raw performance pet food for a fuller coat and active pet.

We are dedicated to helping bring a natural balanced diet to our furry pals. Animal rescuers, pet owners, breeders, all pet lovers and their pets will benefit. At Raw Fed and Furry, we strive to ensure 100% transparency for quality or any unfortunate health concern they might cause to the pets. As a distributor, we ensure that only manufacturers with a proven record of accomplishment for species appropriate and organic raw dog food delivery Ottawa pet meals make our suppliers list.

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